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Anti-Aging Medicine is both theoretical and practical sciences to achieve a society with a long, healthy lifespan.

In an aging society with the extension of the average life span, the importance of promoting health for elders and preventive medicine further increases. The theme is set to how to maintain high QOL as to extend the life span but also to prevent both mental and physical deterioration, thus, anti-aging medicine is the key medicine not only to encourage elders to build self-reliance, but in order to maintain social productivity. Research reports related to Metabolic Syndrome, dementia and CKD (chronic kidney diseases) as well as cardiovascular diseases are now receiving a great attention worldwide.

Therefore we need to go beyond traditional research of individual organs and parts, and expand research including Cardiology, Vascular Biology, Neurology and Nephrology revealing that comprehensive in total body health has now become a necessity.

As we establish the Society of Cerebral-Cardio-Vascular Anti-Aging to promote research about mechanisms of aging in the cerebrovascular area, and also to coordinate with the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine that had been established earlier, to perform cross-disciplinary clinical and fundamental research, to increase both knowledge and technique about cerebral-cardio-vascular disease anti-aging medical science with the aim to become an organization that can accommodate the demands of society.

Official Journal

official journal

「Immunology, Endocrine and Metabolic Agent in Medicinal Chemistry Bentham Science Publishers」